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For any business the integrity of the financial information is key. Some businesses will require a statutory audit due to their size or industry, whereas others will seek additional assurance by third parties for their own peace of mind.

We offer a full range of services to give you the right level of service for your business.

Accountants Report

This is a standard report provided by accountants and gives the most basic level of assurance. It gives comfort that the accounts are presented in accordance with relevant legislation and are prepared by an external firm; however it gives no assurance over the underlying figures in the financial statements.

Assurance Review

An Assurance Review sits between a full audit and an accountants report. The scope of an Assurance Review does not include verification procedures as in a full audit, but does include discussions with management about the accounting treatment of key items, detailed analytical review of results and balance sheet, and consideration of the appropriateness of the accounting policies and their application.

The scope is insufficient to allow the reviewer to give an opinion on whether the accounts give a true and fair view. Instead, the review report concludes upon whether, based on the review, anything has come to the reviewer’s attention which suggests the accounts are not true and fair. This is known as “negative assurance”.

More details on limited assurance reviews can be found on the ICAEW’s website, here.

Agreed Upon Procedures

The options described above, as well as a full audit, all follow a prescribed set of rules, laid down by either the Financial Reporting Council or the ICAEW and result in a published report in a standard form. Conversely, “agreed upon procedures” are an alternative where the directors and/or management can agree with us a specific set of procedures for us to perform.


The benefits of how we approach our audit services are:
  • We pride ourselves on how we perform our work, and we will ensure that we are timely, efficient and provide you with excellent standards of client care.
  • We use a paperless audit system, which enables us to ensure maximum efficiency and provide competitive value-driven fees.
  • We use a risk based and tailored audit approach, focusing on the key issues in your business and will identify ways in which your financial reporting systems and controls can be improved.
  • From our strong relationship and understanding of your business, we will provide you with proactive advice and assistance as your business develops.
We are registered to carry on audit work in the UK and Ireland by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales. Details of our audit registration can be viewed at www.auditregister.org.uk for the United Kingdom and www.cro.ie/auditors for Ireland, under reference number C001386037
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