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Corporate Finance

We live in an increasingly regulated and global business environment and so keeping up-to-date with the latest regulations and finding solutions that best fit your business can be complicated.

We can help you take better advantage of tax opportunities and reliefs, achieve optimum capital or revenue tax treatment and make the most of tax opportunities specific to your industry. If necessary, we can act on your behalf in discussions with the tax authorities. Efficient tax planning can lead to significant improvements to your bottom line.

Let us carry shoulder the burden of your corporate finance and take care of returns and paperwork to leave you more time to manage your business.

Business Valuations

Business valuations can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from owners who simply want to know how much their business is worth, to companies that are looking to buy or sell, or shareholders who wish to exit a company. Valuations can also be used for tax purposes and be part of a useful business planning exercise.

At Ellacotts we consider every case on an individual basis and ensure that we assess all unique factors that affect the value of your business.

Strategic Advice

To ensure your corporate finance transactions achieve their intended goals, we can provide you with advice that takes into account your entire strategic plan.

We offer strategic financial advice on all aspects of a company's growth, acquisition or disposal strategies. We help clients formalise their plans for their business by helping them to produce comprehensive budgets and forecasts, and by preparing detailed business plans.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is the term used to describe an investigation of supporting financial information provided by a target’s business.

We tailor our due diligence investigations to ensure the work carried out is specific to your requirements. The reports we prepare enable a prospective acquirer or funder to make an informed judgement over the information they have been given about a business or potential investment.

Financial Modelling

We assist clients in the preparation of detailed financial models for either specific transactions or for day to day use by the businesses.

Exit Strategies & Succession Planning

Most owners will consider an exit strategy from their business at some stage. We advise clients about business sales and exits which require good planning to be effective. We help by:

  • grooming the business for sale or flotation
  • searching for and assessing potential buyers
  • maximising the sale price and negotiating the terms of exit/handover
  • minimising any tax arising on the sale
  • advising you on how to invest the funds you receive on disposal

Mergers, Acquisitions & Disposals

We work with established businesses on company acquisitions and disposals, including actively searching for the best strategic fits. We help you by:

  • assessing merger or joint venture plans
  • carrying out due diligence on prospective targets or acquirers
  • providing transactions support during deal negotiations
  • making reports to the bank to support funding plans

Whether you wish to grow your business by merging with another entity or through acquisition we will advise you through every stage of the process - identifying or researching potential targets, managing approaches to targets, conducting due diligence investigations, and negotiating and structuring the deal through to completion.

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