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Income from employment is generally chargeable to both income tax and national insurance contributions (NICs) whether provided as salary, bonus or benefit-in-kind. As higher rate of income tax and NIC rates have increased in recent years, employers and employees have often been keen to restructure the overall remuneration package for better tax-efficiency.

The taxation of employment benefits is a complex area. Ensuring that you comply with all the administrative obligations and plan in advance to minimise tax liabilities is essential.


Most employers are required to complete P11D submissions to HMRC to disclose benefits paid to employees along with reimbursed expenses.

We can help to assess if P11Ds need to be completed, advise on systems for reimbursing expenses and applying for dispersals, negotiate with HMRC if disagreements arise and in reaching settlements.

Employee Share Schemes

Employee share schemes are an ever increasing popular way of attracting, retaining and incentivising employees. This helps to ensure you have the right people, who are highly motivated to deliver the company's success. Schemes available include:
  • Enterprise Management Incentives
  • Share Incentive Plans
  • Approved Company Share Option Plans
  • Unapproved Share Option Plans
We will help you ensure that schemes are tailored to your requirements and obtain HMRC approval.

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