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Property & Land Transaction Planning

Tax charges on property transactions can be substantial and, without planning can be triggered unintentionally! Many residential properties are exempt from tax charges but, as with all tax reliefs, the relevant conditions need to be met. Land and property transactions are often of high value and it can be a complex area. It is therefore essential to consider in advance for all potential tax planning opportunities.

Whether you are considering selling land, gifting assets or simply want to ensure that you are in the best possible tax position for your property, Ellacotts can offer a wide range of solutions such as:

Private Residence Exemptions & Reliefs

We can help you to review tax relief you are eligible for when working away from home and the tax relief available for let properties. We can also help you when dealing with shared ownership and looking at business use of the home.

Claiming Business & Agricultural Reliefs

There are a number of considerations when looking at what relief is best suited for you and what you are eligible for. For example, should you opt for income tax or capital gains tax?

We can also advise you when claiming entrepreneur’s relief, deferring & rolling over gains and help you with claims for expenses & capital allowances.

We have a wealth of experience in claiming for inheritance tax relief and can help you to explore the options available to you.

Advice on Gifts

Whether you are deferring gains on business assets, using trusts or looking at sharing ownership then Ellacotts can help.

Choosing the Right Ownership Structure

This can be a complex area and there are pros and cons for each type of structure. We will work with you to determine the best option for you, whether that is joint ownership, a limited company or limited liability partnerships.

We can also help with any associated overseas issues.

Specialist Taxes

We specialise in all taxes but many of the queries we receive for specialist tax advice are concerning VAT or Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) so if you would like advice in either of these areas, we can help.

Investing for Future Growth

If you are thinking about the future there are a number of things to consider; from choosing the right type of investment to comparing the different tax treatments, we can help and will guide you towards realising the potential profits.
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