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Building & Construction

Building and construction is a notoriously unpredictable industry sector. To succeed in it requires efficiency, foresight and good advice. We have many clients in this industry sector - ranging from sole traders to large construction companies and property developers and property investors.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

When starting a construction business you will need to understand the HMRC regulations on the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) to confirm if you will need to register, this can be a complicated area to understand which we can guide you through. There are significant penalties for failure to operate the CIS correctly and we with that in mind we can provide training for your business or operate the scheme on your behalf.

Forecasting Cashflow & Raising Finance

We understand that cashflow can sometimes be hard in the construction industry with the outlay of funds being high upfront, we can provide cashflow forecasts for you to provide to banks to agree a loan or overdraft. We can also help set up alternative methods of financing such as peer to peer lending.

VAT Planning

When starting a new project there are a number of VAT issues to consider such as should you opt the property to tax or the consideration of the property being zero rated for VAT purposes. We can assist in providing a plan covering all the VAT aspects and help in the registration of these.

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