Our Specialist Sectors
Hotels, Leisure & Hospitality

We advise a wide range of clients who own and operate leisure-related businesses from riding, wildlife and activity centres to bars, hotels, fitness clubs, golf clubs and clay pigeon shoots. We can provide a whole range of services from helping to assist with a start up to providing the audit of an established business, while combing the tax advice required at all stages in the businesses life.

Seasonal Implications

Many of these businesses are subject to trading pressures all of their own. For example, a main issue for the majority of these businesses are the seasonal fluctuations leading to staffing and cash flow issues at certain times of the year. We understand the impact this can have on your business and can help you develop strategies to help you deal with them.

VAT Implications on the Sale & Purchase of Food

When your business is involved in the sale of food you will need to be aware of the VAT implications this can have. Not only in regards to the compliance, such as ensuring you charge VAT on catering but when you should charge VAT on take away food. But also looking at the cashflow implications this may have due to your VAT liability being increased as the majority of your purchases will be zero rated. We can help guide you through these issues and help prepare cashflow forecasts to help you manage your business.

Machine Games Duty

Machine Games Duty (MGD) was introduced back in February 2013, you will need to ensure that if required you do register for this as there are penalties in place for non registration. We can assist in the registration for the tax and also provide on going support to help with the quarterly returns that must be made.

Employment Advice

Due to the seasonality of the work these business often have a high turnover of staff, with this comes many issues regarding minimum pay and contract matters, we can help guide you through these areas to ensure that you are fully aware.

Raising Finance

Sometimes the cash investment required to purchase a hotel or other leisure facility can be large and you may require extra finance to facilitate this. Our corporate finance team can help you create business plans to provide to potential investors and also put you in contact with finance houses who could make available the investment you require.

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