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Landed Estates

We recognise that a landed estate is unlike any other business. There can be conflicting priorities between maximising income in the short-term whilst ensuring that the fabric of the estate is maintained and improved for future generations.

Our Landed Estates team advises varying types of estate owners including trustees, private families or corporate bodies. We have a vast amount of experience of the business and tax decisions that are involved in the management of any estate from advising of shoots and woodland management as well as agricultural, residential and commercial property portfolios.

Succession Planning & Inheritance Tax

Our specialist team can recommend how best to minimise the impact of Inheritance Tax. Our advice takes into account family and business structures, to ensure that all available exemptions and allowances are utilised. This may involve the writing of wills and trusts. We, therefore, work closely with clients' lawyers and land agents to provide solutions for passing wealth between generations.

Business & Income Tax Planning

Ownership structures for landed estates vary and depend on each estate’s circumstances. However, the business structure can have an impact on income tax planning and we can help select the most appropriate structure for your business included partnerships, companies, sole traders and trusts.

Land Development & Capital Gains Tax

Currently a lot of land is being considered for development and this trend does not exclude land owned by landed estates. The capital gains tax on the sale of any development land can run into hundreds of thousands, depending on the size of development considered. We are experienced in dealing with such scenarios and suggest solutions to minimise the capital gains tax and ensure relevant capital gains tax reliefs and business structures are used where appropriate

Diversification & Appropriate Business Structures

More and more frequently estate owners look to maximise the value of their assets by considering other options to generate income from their estate, aside from farming and rental income. We work closely with your other advisors to identify opportunities for diversification and develop tax efficient structures for any diversification projects.

Preparation of Financial Budgets

Landed estates can have various different enterprises and family members to keep happy. We can assist with budget preparation and present this to the family. This helps identify any cash flow problems early as well identify cash flow surpluses that could possibly by reinvested. Budgeting is a useful and effective method of keeping everyone informed and realistic as to the estates earning capabilities.

Sports & Woodlands

Many landed estates operate shoots as well as potentially running a commercial woodland. The way in which these activities is structured will affect the income tax and VAT treatment of the income and expenditure in relation to these activities. There are specific tax rules that apply to woodland operations and we are well placed to advise client of these and suggest efficient structures for their shooting and woodland activities.

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