Our Specialist Sectors
Professional & Consultancy

As a professional practice ourselves we have a team of specialists experienced in delivering a broad range of services to professional firms across the spectrum. We provide taxation and financial advice to architects, solicitors, surveyors, land agents, PR and marketing agencies and consultants in many sectors.

As members of the UK200Group, our links with 150 member firms across the UK provide an extensive resource of knowledge in every sector with contacts and resources to share with you best practice and solutions.

Our international links with IAPA can ensure a personal service to you from our global expertise ensuring overseas support for your business where required.

We understand the challenges of running a professional practice and are ideally placed using our experience and expertise to deliver tailored solutions to address your individual needs to operate efficiently and profitably.


Your Business Structure

Our knowledge of your business sector means we can set out for you an appropriate business entity: unincorporated, partnership, LLP or incorporated entity. We can keep you abreast of current issues and changes in legislation applicable to your entity and advise you for effective tax planning as well as assisting with compliance for applicable professional regulatory requirements.

Strategic Tax Advice

Our expertise in tax planning means that we can discuss with you the structure of your remuneration and deliver alternatives to minimise your exposure to higher tax rates, whilst maintaining your income requirements.

Partners' Financial & Pensions Planning

As members of an LLP ourselves, we can use our experience to assist you in effective longer term financial planning for partners and directors. We can provide guidance on the structuring of partnership and shareholder agreements and link with other professionals to ensure these are tailored to meet your specific individual needs. Visit our wealth planning website for more details.

Cash Flow Management

As economic circumstances fluctuate or your client base changes, we understand that there can be demands on your cash flow and can assist you in optimising your working capital arrangements. Where additional support is required, our financial links can enable alternative innovative solutions including peer to peer lending to continue your business operations.

Exit & Succession Planning

With our knowledge of your business, local and national links, we can plan ahead for a smooth transition as key individuals retire or you wish to release the value in your business for your own retirement. Our strong relationship with you will ensure that this is tailored for you with specific tax planning in place for a successful departure.
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