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Property & Development

Properties have been acquired for investment and development for centuries. On the one hand property has proved a useful alternative to financial investments such as stock and shares, especially as part of a balanced portfolio of investments and including owning the home you live in! On the other hand, many people see opportunities to make profits from the construction or development of properties either as traders or investors to improve their overall wealth.

Of course, the taxation rules and regulations have developed with this sector as it has evolved. Tax charges on property transactions can be significant and complicated and, without planning, triggered unintentionally! Properties can be exempt from tax charges but, as with all tax reliefs, the relevant conditions need to be met.

Wealth Planning

Ellacotts Wealth Planning Ltd provides effective financial and tax planning to help balance your long-term financial goals with current and future cash needs. We can help you protect and manage the wealth that you have invested in your properties.

Independent advice can help you make the most of your money and investments. Pension, investment and protection markets are complex but with professional advice you can develop strategies which precisely meet your needs.

Tax Planning

We have a team dedicated to property matters to ensure you keep the tax bills to a minimum. Some examples of how we deliver solutions to save tax include:

  • Maximising private residence relief for capital gains on sale of houses
  • Claiming tax relief on costs (eg mortgage Interest) to reduce taxable income and gains
  • Deferring capital gains on gifts of property by using trusts
  • Arranging joint property ownership to save income tax on rents and capital gains tax on sales
  • Securing ‘entrepreneur’s relief’ reducing capital gains tax rates on property sales to 10%
  • Reviewing proposed transactions to save stamp duty land tax
  • Recovering VAT incurred on purchase or construction costs
  • Using companies, limited liability partnerships and joint ventures to hold property

Land Development & Capital Gains Tax

The development of land for new building is frequently offering opportunities to landowners. The capital gains tax on the sale of any development land can be very significant. We are experienced in dealing with such projects and help to minimise the capital gains tax and ensure the best ownership structures are used.

Succession Planning & Inheritance Tax

Our specialist team can recommend how best to minimise the impact of inheritance tax. We provide advice taking into account family and business structures and ensure that available tax exemptions and allowances are utilised. This may involve the writing of wills and creation of trusts. We therefore work closely with clients' lawyers and land agents to provide solutions for passing wealth between generations.

Business & Income Tax Planning

The business structure of property enterprises can have an impact on income tax planning and we can help select the most appropriate structure for your business included partnerships, companies, sole traders and trusts.

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