A day in the life of Liam Tilley

I am an AAT Trainee in the Agriculture and Property department and I have been at Ellacotts since April 2018.

During exam periods my day starts at 6am with an enormous bowl of whichever chocolatey cereal was on offer, and a study session which lasts until 7:30am. I then cycle to work for 8:30am and begin preparing year end accounts for our clients. The best part of my role is getting to know the businesses we work with. At the time of writing I have been at Ellacotts for 1 year meaning I am getting to work on clients for the second time and it’s incredibly rewarding to see our clients grow.

At 12pm I head to the gym which is fortunately right next to our office and get back at 1:30pm. Straight back to accounts as some of the more complex jobs can take a few days to complete.

It’s not all accounts preparation however, as I’m also a keen attendee of any marketing and business events. Most recently I attended an Ellacotts-hosted evening in Kettering where we talked all things MTD compliance, and I will also be at the Bedfordshire Young Farmers Rally in May, hoping to meet some of our clients and contacts there too.

My busy day usually finishes around 5:30pm, at which point I will cycle home and inhale food in time for our 7pm lectures or in their absence, go for a long walk with a podcast or my questionable taste in music. The lectures usually finish around 9:30pm and quite frankly I’m ready for bed at this point, a temptation not often ignored.