Our Core Values

We appreciate that every client is unique, and we aim to deliver timely, proactive solutions and provide excellent client service. We are committed to enabling the success of our clients, our people and the Firm. To do that we have a highly skilled and motivated team who work seamlessly together, and who adhere to the same values and principles.

To help ensure that it is a true reflection of the way we work, and what it means to be part of the Ellacotts team, everyone who works at Ellacotts has been involved in identifying and describing our Core Values. This document sets out those values and how we demonstrate them. We are really proud of our Core Values, and how we do what we do.

What we do

Delivering Solutions

We aim to deliver timely, proactive solutions that bring added value, and that are tailored to our clients. This means that we think “outside of the box” and are able to bring ideas, solutions and provide excellent client service.

Why we do what we do 

Our Purpose - Enabling Success

We work hard to enable the success of our Clients, the Firm and all of us who work in Ellacotts. Success means different things to individuals, clients and organisations and we aspire to ensure that success becomes a reality.

How we do what we do

Our Core Values

We are committed to ensuring that our Core Values are upheld, we believe it is important to describe what they are, and what it means for us in our day-to-day roles and lives.

Focussed Icon   Focussed  

Building solid positive professional and personal client relationships by providing excellent client service.

Teamwork Icon   Teamwork  

Valuing and working with each other with mutual respect in a positive, collaborative and approachable environment

Integrity Icon   Integrity  

Doing the right thing. We are trustworthy, honest and comply with professional and ethical standards.

Enthusiastic Icon  



Being the best and enjoying what we do. We celebrate success, inspire others and are fully engaged. 

Progressive Icon   Progressive  

We challenge what we do and how we do it, ensuring our clients receive the latest and best possible advice or services.