ESFA publishes guidance for new academies and free schools

24 October 2018

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) has published a welcome pack containing guidance to help new academies prepare for their first period of opening. 
The guidance sets out the key actions new academies and their trusts will need to take within the first few months of opening. In particular, it outlines obligations relating to funding agreements and financial assurance that new academies must meet. The guidance also provides an overview of the areas of work and services provided by the ESFA, as well as how academies should expect to interact and work with them.
Academy schoolsThe ESFA has also published a range of practical videos and resources to help new academies understand their funding entitlements and timescales for receiving funding allocations. Most of an academy’s funding allocation is based on the number of pupils it teaches. Academies will be required to confirm pupil numbers in October every year, and are urged to contact the ESFA as soon as possible if their pupil intake is lower than planned and likely to impact its financial sustainability.
The guidance also provides practical advice about a range of issues and topics a new academy will need to consider in its first period of operation. Topics covered include estate management, land and buildings valuations, governance, managing resources, safeguarding and whistleblowing.
In addition, the ESFA has published a welcome pack for free schools opening in 2018. The welcome pack includes guidance and resources to help new free schools and their trusts understand and meet all their obligations.
Read more about the guidance.
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