Importing bills into Xero – what are my options?

1 November 2018


Gone are days of having to raise bills manually one by one into your bookkeeping software.

Xero offers you a number of ways to easily import bills.

1. Import via email

Xero lets you create a bill from an email. All you need to do is forward your emails to the email address shown on your Bills page. Xero then raises a draft invoice and attaches the PDF bill. All you have to do is match the bill with the relevant code and approve.

  1. Receive a bill via email
  2. Forward email to your unique email address
  3. Go to your draft bills in Xero
  4. Code your bill accordingly
  5. Approve

To find your unique email address go to Accounts, Purchases, See all and then select Create bill from email.

2. Import using a spreadsheet

Firstly, you need to download Xero’s CSV (Comma Delaminated) template. This can be found by going to accounts, purchases and selecting Import. On this screen, you will see an option to download template file.

Fill out the following:

  • Contact Name - Enter your supplier’s name exactly as it appears in Xero. If the contact isn’t in Xero, a new contact is will be created when you import.
  • Invoice Number - Enter a reference to help you identify and search for the bill. References must be different for each bill.
  • Quantity - Enter the quantity of the items you’ve purchased or have been credited.
  • Unit Amount - Enter the purchase price of the item. 
  • Account Code - Enter the code, as displayed in Xero.
  • Tax Type - Enter the tax rate display name as it appears in Xero.
  • Enter the Invoice Date and Due Date

The other columns can be filled in to add extra detail to the import, but are not required. Once you are happy with your import, save it to your computer ensuring it remains formatted as a CSV.

You will then need to upload to Xero:

  1. Go to accounts > purchases > Import > Browse > Find your spreadsheet
  2. If you've entered contact emails and addresses that you want to change when you import this file, you can do so here.
  3. Choose whether the prices used for Unit Amount are tax exclusive or tax inclusive.
  4. Click Import.

3. AutoEntry 

Say goodbye to entering invoices manually. Using artificial intelligence, AutoEntry can save you time by automatically creating invoices from bills.

  1. Submit your bills to AutoEntry by either uploading them as a PDF, scanning to a unique email address or by taking a photo on the app.
  2. AutoEntry will extract the data from the bills and fill in the fields. By using artificial intelligence, it learns how you post your invoices so the more you use it, the more fields it will pre-populate for you.
  3. You then need to approve it, which automatically sends it to the client to approve and pay. 

Need more help?

Watch our demonstration video to see how to upload invoices to Xero by using AutoEntry. 

If you would like more information on Xero, contact our cloud accounting expert, Harry Hale, on or call 01295 250401.