Emma Russell

Agriculture & Property

I joined Ellacotts in August 2017 as an AAT Trainee within the Agriculture & Property department after completing my A-Levels in Mathematics, Accounting, Biology and Chemistry. I have always known that I wanted to go into a mathematical based career, but it was only in the last 2 years that I looked into accountancy more and realised that it was the career path that I felt was best suited to me.

Despite only working at the firm for a short period of time, I love the variety of the job and the opportunities available that offers a platform for me to gain my qualifications whilst simultaneously building upon my own experience and knowledge that will help to advance my career. Some of the tasks and duties within my role as a Trainee include reconciling bank statements, conversion balances using specialist software, Xero, commissions and levies, VAT and accruals and equity.

Prior to starting at the firm, I lived in Derbyshire, so I have recently relocated to the area, which has enabled me to move in with my partner. I am thoroughly enjoying getting to explore my new surroundings and the wider area as it is all so new to me! I also enjoy delving into a new book and reading – my favourite is Harry Potter!

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