Kyle Moss


Agriculture & Property

I have been with Ellacotts since July 2015 and am a Trainee in the Agriculture & Property department. A typical day involves preparing accounts, VAT returns or planning/distributing new work that comes in to my colleagues.

I love working at Ellacotts because of the opportunities that I am presented with; when I first started I was immediately involved in the accounts preparation process and only a few months later I attended my first meeting with a client. I also have the opportunity to attend shows so I can meet lots of farmers!

I joined Ellacotts straight after completing my A-Levels and had no experience in accounting but I have been given excellent support from my mentor, which allowed me to pick things up as quickly as possible. One of the aspects of the job that I find interesting is learning about the farming culture. Being in the Agriculture and Property department, I learn new farming-specific terms everyday; whether that be from peers, clients or even invoices!

Outside of work, I find myself playing football a couple of times a week, socialising with friends and listening to music.

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