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Autumn Statement 2023

23 Nov 2023

On 22 November 2023, Jeremy Hunt delivered the ‘Autumn Statement for Growth’. Against an improving economic backdrop, the Chancellor is keen to stimulate economic growth and highlighted 110 measures for businesses. In addition, there were significant statements relating to National Insurance changes and also the reform of work-related state benefits.

Autumn Statement 2023 Highlights

22 Nov 2023

Against a backdrop of reducing inflation and greater headroom for spending, the Chancellor announced several tax cuts and boosts to business in his ‘Autumn Statement for Growth’.

Ellacotts Business Newsletter October 2023

25 Oct 2023

New Employee checks One widget or two? Covid support payments are still on HMRC’s radar R&D single scheme uncertainty for companies  HMRC detective work means tax bill for eBay trader Paying voluntary National Insurance contributions Child Benefit - watch the sting in the tail GDPR right of access: new guidance What is extended producer responsibility for packaging?

Business Newsletter August 2023

31 Jul 2023

Trade and customs: latest news. Cryptoassets get a mention on the tax return. Cars, vans and benefits in kind. Why basis period reform actually does matter. A common payroll problem: and how to avoid it. Your pension… then there was the Budget

Business Newsletter June 2023

04 Jun 2023

Spring Budget 2023

16 Mar 2023

The spring Budget 2023, was announced by Jeremy Hunt on 15 March 2023. What the budget means for you.

Business Newsletter March 2023

06 Feb 2023

Autumn Statement 2022

18 Nov 2022

What the Autumn Statement means for individuals and businesses. On 17 November 2022, the government undertook the third fiscal statement in as many months, against a backdrop of rising inflation and economic recession. The Chancellor laid out three core priorities of stability, growth and public services. The government sought a balanced path to support the economy and return to growth, partially through public spending restraint and partially through tax rises. 

Business Newsletter November 2022

04 Nov 2022

Introducing the Plastic Packaging Tax. - Bye-bye GDPR? - Did claims comply with the furlough scheme?- When couples separate: capital gains tax change - Accessing your business tax account. - VAT: terminating a contract early

Ellacotts Mini Budget 2022 - September / October update

04 Oct 2022

We have updated the PDF to reflect the changes announced by Jeremy Hunt on 17 October 2022. What Jeremy Hunt's statement means for you

Business Newsletter August 2022

26 Aug 2022

Up to speed with pensions; HMRC's trust registration service; Covid-19 support and a letter from HMRC; Capital gains tax: negligible value claim; What's going on with National Insurance costs?; Talking about capital gains allowances; FAO landlords: Homes for Ukraine scheme; Camera, action and a happy tax ending

Considering Buying or Selling a Business

01 Aug 2022

During the pandemic, we’ve received an increased number of enquiries from people wanting to buy or sell businesses and this shows no sign of letting up in the near future. Therefore, we have produced this useful guide which covers some of the key considerations as part of your due diligence and contract negotiations.