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Inheritance Tax - A Summary

16 Nov 2017

Capital Gains Tax

16 Nov 2017

Property Investment - Buy to Let

16 Nov 2017

Property Investment - Tax Aspects

16 Nov 2017

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Property & land developers

Property can be a useful alternative to financial investments such as stock and shares, especially as part of a balanced portfolio of investments. Many people also see opportunities to make profits from the construction or development of properties either as traders or as investors.

We provide a range of compliance and advisory services to support all aspects of land-based transactions and activities. We can help you by planning land development and diversification proposals and delivering tax saving ideas.

Do you need help with property and land development?

Tax planning

Tax charges on property transactions can be significant and complicated and, without planning, triggered unintentionally.

Some examples of how we deliver solutions to save tax include:

  • Maximising private residence relief for capital gains on sale of houses
  • Claiming tax relief on costs to reduce taxable income and gains
  • Deferring capital gains on gifts of property by using trusts
  • Arranging joint property ownership to save Income Tax on rents and Capital Gains Tax on sales
  • Securing Entrepreneurs’ Relief reducing Capital Gains Tax rates on property sales to 10%
  • Reviewing proposed transactions to save Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • Recovering VAT incurred on purchase or construction costs
  • Using companies, limited liability partnerships and joint ventures to hold property

Land development and Capital Gains Tax

Developing land for new buildings is often an attractive opportunity for landowners but the Capital Gains Tax consequences can be significant. We are experienced in dealing with such projects and help to minimise the Capital Gains Tax.

Personal tax planning

Beyond property specific tax planning we also consider your properties when reviewing your personal finances. For example, protecting and managing the wealth invested in your properties can help balance your long-term financial goals with current and future cash needs.

When the time comes to leave your business we can help utilise tax allowances and exemptions and advise on using wills and trusts to minimise Inheritance Tax. Find out more about our Personal Tax Planning. 

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