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UK Government consultation on freeports

UK Government consultation on freeports

The government has launched a consultation on proposals to create up to ten freeports across the UK which would have different customs rules than those which apply in the rest of the UK.

Professional & consultancy services

We provide tax and financial advice to many professional and consultancy businesses including architects, solicitors, surveyors, land agents, PR and marketing agencies.

We are members of the UK200Group  and IAPA, which gives us access to an extensive range of contacts and resources both in the UK and abroad.

We can help with:

  • General business advice including choosing a business structure, changes in legislation and compliance requirements for your sector.
  • Managing cashflow in times of flux and exploring funding options.
  • Tax planning and advice such as remuneration strategies and ways to minimise tax.
  • Personal wealth planning for partners and directors including pensions.
  • Exit and succession planning such as ensuring smooth transition and using your business to fund your retirement.


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