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Guide to end of year tax planning 2020/2021

08 Jan 2021

Tax and Wealth Planning

18 Jun 2019

Tax implications of being a landlord

18 Jun 2019

Residence and domicile

18 Jun 2019

Financial planning for your family

18 Jun 2019

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Could you claim an Inheritance Tax refund?

Could you claim an Inheritance Tax refund?

If you inherited a property that you then sold for less than the property was valued upon death, you could get a refund for the difference of the Inheritance Tax.

Personal tax planning

We will help you complete your tax return and minimise your personal tax liabilities by planning income and gains. We can arrange an annual planning meeting to review your finances and suggest options to save tax. This planning may keep you out of paying higher rates of tax.

Personal tax returns

We can help you to prepare UK Self Assessment tax returns, covering basic tax repayment claims to complex returns. We will calculate tax liabilities, liaise with HMRC and let you know when payments are due. 

Would you like help with your UK Self Assessment tax return?

Capital Gains Tax

Whether you are looking to mitigate the rate of tax when you sell or otherwise dispose of assets, or are considering the impact of getting rid of assets on other taxes, we will guide you.

We can help by preparing detailed Capital Gains Tax computations, liaising with valuers and confirming the Capital Gains Tax payable. We also advise on the availability of Rollover Gift Relief and Entrepreneurs’ Relief.

Working abroad

You may have to pay UK tax on foreign income depending on your residence status. If you are a non-UK resident then there’s no UK tax due on foreign income. If you are a UK resident then generally you will be liable to pay UK tax on foreign income, although you may not have to if you are non-UK domiciled.

You may be able to claim tax relief if your income is taxed in more than one country. We can advise on residence and domicile issues, letting UK property while abroad and selling assets while abroad.

Personal tax planning isn’t confined to income. We can also help with planning your retirement.

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Wealth management

Planning your finances for the future can be easy to put off. Our specialist team deliver tailored financial planning to suit you and your family.

Their professionalism and persistence were outstanding in getting us the best results.

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