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A rural view on the 2021 Autumn Budget

With the farming industry undergoing mass reforms and increased pressures as the Basic Payment Scheme is phased out, the Chancellor’s latest Budget statement was eagerly awaited.  In the end, the farming sector was largely overlooked, with the focus being on a new post -COVID economy of fiscal stability.

Time for some business housekeeping?

Winter evenings or perhaps hours spent on a tractor can give time for thoughts and discussions regarding business structure and succession planning. The team at Ellacotts collectively have decades of experience in handling transitions in business management and land ownership with our farming and landowning clients.

The 2021 Harvest

After some concerning conditions in March and April 2021, better weather in May turned around the outlook for 2021, and now with wheat being harvested in between rain showers we are starting to see the results.

Benchmarking – 2020 Harvest

We are well underway preparing 2020 harvest gross margin accounts for our arable clients. A comparison of the 2020 harvest against the 2019 harvest, drawn from clients’ year-end accounts, is summarised below:           Taking a typical...