Have you reviewed your pension or pensions, recently and do you know how much you have saved for your retirement?

If not, you are not alone as around 62% of people do not know how much they have saved!

More importantly, do you know how much income you will need in retirement to maintain the lifestyle you want to have?

If you have answered no to both questions, you need to seriously consider a review of your retirement planning.

By reviewing your planning, one of the following will happen:

  1. You have got sufficient money to meet your retirement needs
  2. You need to invest more to meet your retirement needs
  3. You need to revise your retirement goals based on the amount you will have available in your pension
  4. You do nothing and risk running out of money in the early stages of retirement

At Ellacotts Wealth Planning, we are pensions and retirement planning specialists and are able to help you meet your retirement goals and understand how much your retirement will cost. We can work with you to put a retirement plan in place so you can be sure you know exactly how much money you’ll have available from your pension.

To discuss your requirements, please contact our Wealth Planning team on info@ellacottswealth.co.uk or 01295 250401 or contact us here.

We have an expert Ellacotts Wealth Planning team who can help you manage your wealth for the future. We are specialists in providing advice on ISAs, investments, pensions and retirement planning.

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