Did you know that you are allowed to claim tax relief on your annual professional fees or subscriptions to some HMRC approved professional organisations? The costs are tax-deductible generally where you must have a membership to do your job or it is helpful for your work. This can apply to both employed or self-employed workers.

HMRC has updated the list of approved bodies which also includes not only details of the professional bodies that are approved but details of qualifying annual subscriptions for journals.

You cannot claim tax back on life membership subscriptions, or for fees or subscriptions you:

  • do not need to do your job
  • have not paid yourself (for example have been paid by your employer)
  • have paid to professional organisations that are not approved by HMRC

Check if you can get tax relief and make a claim online, or use the list to check if your organisation has been approved by HMRC.

Where the fees are paid by your employer this will not generally result in a benefit in kind charge.

How do you claim tax relief on your professional fees or subscriptions?

You can get your tax back by either making a claim by post on a form P87 or entering the amount you can claim in box 19 of the SA102 page if you need to send us a Self Assessment tax return.

If you have any questions about how to claim tax relief on professional fees or any other tax queries, please contact our tax expert by email or on 01295 250401.

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