Sindhu Vallishayee Nagaraja

Agriculture & Property
+44(0)1536 646000

I joined Ellacotts in October 2022 as a tax trainee and work in the Agriculture and Property department, Kettering. I am a fully qualified chartered accountant with membership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. I was primarily involved in Indian taxation compliance before moving to the UK in 2009. I was on a long career break since and enjoyed raising my daughter who has now flown the nest.

As my interest has always been in taxation, I self-studied and passed the examinations of Association of Tax Technicians in May 2022 and now working towards gaining work experience which will enhance my knowledge and skills to provide the best service to clients. Ellacotts is providing me with excellent learning opportunities towards my career development in taxation.

On a typical work day as a tax trainee at Ellacotts, you will find me collating information from clients to draft their personal tax returns, registering partnerships and partners for Self-assessment, and liaising with the Revenue for the clients. Though I am not from a farming background I enjoy learning the niche accounting and tax aspects of this sector especially the farmer’s averaging for the tax years.

Outside the office, you can catch me enjoying long walks with my Cockerdor (Labrador X Working Cocker). I rarely miss an opportunity to go dancing and socialising with friends.

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