A day in the life of a AAT trainee

I am an AAT trainee in the Agriculture and Property department in Kettering and I only recently had the pleasure of joining the team in July 2019. 

I normally arrive at the office around 8:30am ready for whatever the day brings me. This usually entails preparing accounts for our farming clients. This job is really satisfying as I enjoy watching all the stages fit together and seeing the end result. But sometimes this isn’t as straightforward as I would like, so I turn to my colleagues for help, which then helps me with future jobs.

I also do a few minor jobs, for example, booking in records. Any books that come into the Kettering office, typically, are given to me so that I can look through them and compile a list of what we have been given. This is done so that whoever is preparing the client’s accounts can see what information they have to work with.

I am yet to start my AAT training through Ellacotts so, at the moment, when I go home I am free to laze about with my family and dog, but I’m sure that will soon change when the lectures start. I’m excited to see where my journey at Ellacotts takes me and I am very grateful for the opportunity they’ve given me.

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