A day in the life of a AAT trainee

I am currently an AAT trainee in the Agriculture and Property department at Ellacotts in Kettering. My typical day starts at 8:30 am when I dive into the world of preparing accounts for our farming clients. I find this job incredibly satisfying, especially witnessing the various stages come together and achieving the end result. However, the process is not always straightforward, and I rely on my colleagues for assistance, which not only solves immediate challenges but also equips me for future tasks.

In addition to account preparation, I handle minor tasks such as booking in records. I carefully review them and compile a list, ensuring that the team working on the client’s accounts has a clear overview of the available information.

Currently, I am yet to commence my AAT training through Ellacotts. When I finish my workday, I have the luxury of free time to spend with my family and beloved dog. However, I anticipate a change in my schedule when the lectures begin, and I am eager to embrace the learning opportunities that will come my way.

I am excited about the journey ahead at Ellacotts and immensely grateful for the opportunities the organization has provided me. I look forward to the growth and experiences that await me in this dynamic field.

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