Charities have to comply with specific requirements as well as the same regulations as most other businesses.  Our team can help you meet all your compliance needs and advise on:

Preparing accounts

If you work for a charity, either as a volunteer or as an employee, you probably don’t want to be unnecessarily burdened by the compliance of running a charity.

Our team can prepare your accounts in accordance with the accounting framework for charities, known as charities SORP. This allows you concentrate on what matter and use your specialist skills.

Audit and independent examination of accounts

All charities with incoming or outgoing resources of more than £25,000 a year need a certain level of external scrutiny of their accounts. Whether you need an independent examiner or a full statutory audit, we can assist you.


Whilst charities are usually exempt from direct taxes such as Corporation Tax, they do still suffer VAT on their expenditure, which is often irrecoverable. We can:

  • consider whether voluntary registration for VAT would be of benefit
  • ensure that you are taking advantage of all VAT reliefs available to you
  • provide specific VAT advice on fundraising

Gift Aid claims

We assist in:

  • preparing and submitting Gift Aid claims
  • reviewing your policies and procedures
  • checking information provided to donors
  • testing records to ensure that they are compliant
  • recommending improvements to your process as necessary

Strategic advice

Charities can be created in a number of ways but are usually either:

  • Incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 or earlier (Limited Company Charities)
  • Incorporated under the Charities Act 2011 (Charitable Incorporated Organisations – CIOs)
  • Created by a declaration of trust (Unincorporated Charities).

Advising on the best way to structure your charitable activity and issues such as reserves policies are just two of the many elements of the strategic support we can provide.


If you are struggling to find the right candidates or simply do not have the time, we can help identify and select candidates for your finance team.